Annual Bull Sale


Inaugural Sale of 2016 


Our 2016 Inaugural Wagyu Sale was held on property at our Kaludabah stud in Mudgee at which 20 years of intensive embryo flushing and transfer programs
came to fruition.

– 52 of our full blood red and black bulls averaged a price of $7712.
– Five bulls topped the sale at $10,000 each while another nine sold at $9000 a head from the offering of 64 aged from 21 to 46 months with the 52 effecting an
   81 per cent auction clearance to buyers as far afield as Queensland, Bourke, Bingara and Orange.
– Five pregnancy tested in calf (PTIC) cows made $5000 each while four cows averaged $2750.
– Eight embryos sold at $500 each.

For more information on the 2017 sale please  click on this link to view our write up in  The Land 



Annual Bull Sale of 2017


Our 2017 Annual Bull sale was also held at Kaludabah Homestead located in Mudgee, NSW Australia.  This was our second bull sale, of which a year of our concentrated work came to fulfilment.

– 75 of our full blood red and black bulls averaged a price of $10,000
– One bull topped the sale at $20,000, with the second highest priced bull selling for $17000.  
– There were 24 bulls that made over $10,000.

For more information on the sale please follow this link to our write up in  The Land



Annual Bull Sale


The 2018 Bull sale will be held in June on the property at Kaludabah, Mudgee and will consist of 100+ Full blood Red and Black Wagyu bulls
along with a selection of embryo packages. 
We expect another strong sale as the Australian and global Wagyu industry is strong and the future global demand for premium beef is set to increase. 
With that said, our bull numbers for our 2018 Sale are projected to be 100+ and this will be a number we can comfortably sustain moving into the future.
We welcome everyone and look forward to seeing you there!


For some insight on the strength of the Australian Wagyu industry as of 05/2017, please visit our Latest News page and click on the post referencing: ‘Australian Wagyu Association – Elite Sale’ tobuyaccutane