Bald Ridge Wagyu carries out semen collection and an Embryo flushing program to supply the best quality genetics to a local and global market. All of the Wagyu’s
raised are 100% full blood Japanese Wagyu. Bald Ridge Wagyu implements a high standard of herd management, with an environmentally friendly approach used
in the management techniques. Horses and dogs are used to muster our cattle in a stress free situation.


More recently, we have expanded our ‘Reds’ by the purchase of the entire Kalanga Red Wagyu herd. Bald Ridge Wagyu now has one of the most significant Red
Wagyu Herds worldwide.Bald Ridge Wagyu has an elite bull breeding program, supplying bulls for the F1 and full blood industries.Our stud cattle have been sold in
Australia and worldwide. Because we sell so many bulls, we are able to help our clients market their progeny through an ever growing network of buyers, producers
and processors.


Bald Ridge Wagyu has now established a herd in Texas, USA. We are expanding our breeding program to supply bulls, females and genetics to the US, South
American and South African markets.